Baked Enamel

Looking for a professional to apply enamel paint on your vehicle?

LJS Panels are here for you!

Enamel paint is applied to cars, trucks and other vehicles because its hardness withstands many elements. Enamel car paint will give your vehicles an awesome finish and very smooth look.

At LJS Panels we provide one of the best baked enamel services in Melbourne. Baked enameling is one coat process where the top coat is applied directly to the material: no primer is required.

It is a finishing technology, in which a specialised wet paint is applied to a wide range of metal products and is then heated in an oven giving it a highly durable, smooth finish. This durable finish is resistant to heat, scratching, chipping, fading and is commonly used on car and motorbike parts. At LJS Panel we take pride in having the highly skilled spray painters in our team. We test, compare and adjust each colour to ensure 100% customers satisfaction.

With our experience and resources, we work hard towards producing the best quality Enamel Paint on time and in your budget.

We have strong relationships with our suppliers and work with them as key partners in our in our business. Their technical resources add to the expertise we can offer our customers.

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