Stuck with an accident and stressing about insurance?

You need not to stress, at LJS Panel we take away the stress you may encounter when you deal directly with your Insurance Company. We are approved and recommended repairer with multiple insurance companies. Everyone has different types of insurance. So the best course of action will depend on the accident’s circumstances and your insurer’s policy on choice of repair.

Our friendly and personal staff is always ready to help you and will provide you the best solution to all your questions and ensure that you receive the right quote that optimises your safety. When you bring your car into LJS Panels we will enter into negotiations with your insurance provider for you. The process of repair consists of following steps:

  • A quote is arranged by LJS Panel and sent to your insurance provider
  • Your insurance provide assesses the quote and negotiates with LJS Panel the final cost of repairs
  • Your insurance provider will authorise the quote and allow repairs to commence with LJS Panel
  • Repairs are finalized and your insurance company pays us for the work completed

Vehicle Inspection

Once your car reaches the auto body repairer, a full and complete inspection is carried out on the vehicle. This is done so that the repairer can quickly identify exactly what is wrong with the car. While the damage might show one thing, a closer inspection might show something completely different. A minor car accident can cause structural damage to the frame and other issues that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

Report to Insurance Company

After a complete vehicle inspection is done, the insurance company is contacted. The insurance company is told exactly what is wrong with the vehicle and what needs fixing. Sometimes, an insurance company is going to request used parts be used. Used parts come off of similar model vehicles no longer in service. The major problem with using these is the used parts have already gone through extended stress, plus the parts might not match the original look of the vehicle, as a bumper from a car a year earlier is not always going to look exactly the same as your vehicle.

The insurance company is also going to try and simply patch up and reuse current parts on the vehicle, if this is at all possible. Essentially, the insurance company is going to try to have the repair done as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Contact LJS Panels, if you need help with an insurance claim or need work completed on your vehicle in an efficient and timely manner!  

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